`teaberry' is a dynamics simulator for entangled polymers and similar systems with kinetic constraints. `teaberry' employs a highly coarse-grained model called the transient bond model, in which a molecule is represented by just a single particle. It enables dynamics and rheology simulations with small calculation costs.







Compiler / Install

`teaberry' is developped and tested on Linux, and thus is is designed for UNIX/Linux environments. Currently development tools on Microsoft Windows (Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual C++, etc) are not supported. To compiler and run `teaberry' on Windows, you are recommended to use Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com/) for UNIX compatiblity (teaberry is written in ANSI C, so it is possible to build the native binary for Windows. However, it needs extra Makefiles or complicated configure scripts. Thus it is not supported.)

`teaberry' is written in ANSI C. To compiler it, you need an ANSI C compiler and GNU make utility. It also requires Lua and zlib. Before compiling `teaberry', you should install these libraries into your system. Also, if HDF5 can be used, `teaberry' can store and load the detailed simulation states to and from a HDF5 file. The HDF5 data can be used, for example, to restart a simulation.

`teaberry' uses autoconf / automake, so if required libraries are already installed, you can compile and install it just like other free softwares.

$ zcat teaberry-0.1.4.tar.gz | tar xvf -
$ cd teaberry-0.1.4
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su
# make install

If you are using GNU tar, you can use is as tar zxvf teaberry-0.1.4.tar.gz instead of zcat teaberry-0.1.4.tar.gz | tar xvf -.

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