Self-Organized Structures in Block Copolymer Systems

ABC star copolymer melt
Symmetric star copolymer

AB diblock copolymer / C homopolymer blends
ab_c_blend1.png ab_c_blend2.png
Symmetric diblock copolymer (onion structure)
[mpeg movie (304KB)]
Asymmetric diblock copolymer
[mpeg movie (340KB)]

AB diblock copolymer / A homopolymer blend
Asymmetric diblock copolymer (vesicles)
[mpeg movie (1.8MB)]

AB diblock copolymer solution
ab_solution_dynamics1.png ab_solution_dynamics2.png
ab_solution_dynamics3.png ab_solution_dynamics4.png
ab_solution_dynamics5.png ab_solution_dynamics6.png
Vesicle formation dynamics
[mpeg movie (4.9MB)]

AB diblock copolymer melts
ab_melt_dynamics_shear1.png ab_melt_dynamics_shear2.png
ab_melt_dynamics_shear3.png ab_melt_dynamics_shear4.png
Lamellar orientation dynamics
under simple shear flow
[mpeg movie (13MB)]
ab_melt_dynamics_laos1.png ab_melt_dynamics_laos2.png
ab_melt_dynamics_laos3.png ab_melt_dynamics_laos4.png
Lamellar orientation dynamics under
large amplitude osciallatory shear (LAOS)
[mpeg movie (13MB)]

Molecular Models for Polymer Dynamics

Entangled Liner Polymer
Dynamics of an entangled polymer
chain by the slip-spring model
[mpeg movie (4.4MB)]
kremer_grest.png primitive_chain_network.png
Connection of the coarse-grained molecular dynamics and the slip-link model
[mpeg movie (2.9MB)]

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